1. More than one statistical projection for the same player may be selected in a single contest entry, assuming the entry still includes at least one player from each opposing team.

  2. Contest entries must be submitted before the earlier of a game’s listed start time or the game’s actual start time.

  3. Statistical totals include statistics accumulated in overtime, when applicable.

  4. Selected players must have at least one snap played in the game to be included in a user’s contest entry, and any players who do not play will be removed. Contest entries will then be adjusted to reflect the entry as if the player was not included from the start, with winning prizes being adjusted accordingly. If a contest entry includes only two player projections, the entire entry will be considered void, and any entry fees will be refunded.

  5. Contest entries for games that are cancelled, postponed, or abandoned mid-game will be void and refunded.

  6. Upon the conclusion of a game, the updated results of your contest entry may take 15 - 60 minutes to be reflected, and payouts will occur at the top of each hour.

  7. Post-game adjustments to fix any statistical errors or irregularities may be made, and in such instances, Sleeper reserves the right to reverse and resettle contest results.

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