When it comes to fantasy leagues, commissioners have all sorts of unique rules, payouts, schedule structures, and draft lotteries.

We want to encourage your league to create a private channel where all of that information can be kept and viewed at all times by your league mates.

Here's an example of a basic setup that you can do for any league:

As you can see, the channel is broken into topics that contain important information for the league.

This is a great place to include things like League Dues, Entry Fees, Prize money, records, trophy history, or anything else that could pertain to your league.

By entering this info in a channel, it will always remain in the same place, and you won't need to worry about pinning messages or scrolling through your league chat.

You can create a channel only by using the web app, but once it's created, it's accessible on web or mobile. You'll want to go through the channel settings and set permissions for what you want your league mates to be able to do:

Once your channel is all set up, invite your league mates into it using the invite link:

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