With almost every fantasy sport comes injuries. Athletes are going to get hurt and miss time. There's not a way around that.

For our fantasy basketball game, you'll see four different injury tags:

  • Game-Time Decision (GTD) - The player has a 50/50 chance of playing
  • Day-to-Day (D2D) - The player probably won't play in the upcoming game
  • Out - The player won't play and could miss about a week
  • IR - The player is out indefinitely or for the remainder of the season

In the General Settings of the mobile app, the commish has two injury options regarding your league's Injured Reserve.

Of course, any player with an IR tag can always go into an IR spot. We give commissioners the option of allowing day-to-day players on IR along with out:

What happens if I select an injured player?

If a user selects a game where the NBA player had zero minutes played, then it moves the selection of the game to the last game of the week for the NBA player after the NBA game is over.

If a user selects the last game of the week for an NBA player (ie Sunday), and the NBA player has zero minutes played, the user can switch out the player for someone else.

Sleeper will unlock the NBA player after the NBA game is over.

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