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With a regular season of 72 games, playing fantasy basketball can sound like a lot of work. And when that starts to become more of a chore over a hobby, it can leave a bad taste and cause users to stop participating.

We kept that in mind when building fantasy basketball on Sleeper.

Instead of the daily process of setting your lineup, our brand new Game Pick mode was developed to focus on weekly decisions and matchups, giving this more of a fantasy football feel to it.

That’s right. You don’t need to worry about logging on every single day to set your team’s lineup. This is what we call Game Pick mode, where you can only use each player for one of their games in that week.

We chose to do it this way because of an imbalanced schedule where you could potentially get more points than your opponent just because you had more games played for the week.

By doing it this way, it allows for simpler, but more strategic, choices for each player. It also creates a fairer matchup on a weekly basis.

We encourage you to try this Game Pick mode out for a season and see what you think because it’s very different from traditional formats, and we think many will enjoy it.

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