Due to the uncertainty around the NFL this fall, we completely understand if your league would like to skip a season or put it on hold.

If your league was already renewed to 2020, odds are you've made offseason moves and trades.

How to "pause" your league

The best way to pause your league is to add a supplemental draft, but never actually have it. By doing this, your league will remain in pre-draft (or offseason) mode.

You don't have to schedule the draft, but you just have to add one.

By being in pre-draft mode, your league can continue to make moves if desired, but any scoring or matchups will not occur.

Then, if you'd like to resume your league in 2021, you can simply renew it when the time comes. This will allow all of your moves and trades to transition to the next year. The only thing you may need to re-create are any traded draft picks for 2020, and you can use the commish tools in the mobile app to move those around as needed.

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