During these uncertain times, we are monitoring everything regarding the 2020 NFL season very closely. Unfortunately, we expect to see NFL players come down with Covid-19 throughout the remainder of 2020, and most likely beyond.

We will not be creating a separate designation for these players. Instead, we will treat this just like an injury, so they would get the OUT status if the team reports that they will miss an upcoming game. They could also be labeled as probable or doubtful during the week as well.

Of course, this could create a higher amount of players who become eligible for IR in your fantasy league.

To help with this, we have increased the maximum number of IR spots from 5 to 10.

We encourage each individual league to consider adding additional IR spots for this, as well as allowing OUT players on IR, which you can find in your general settings.

If you happen to need more than 10 IR spots, we recommend that your league add bench spots.

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