What is Sleeper Squares?

Sleeper Squares is a fun way to participate in something extra on our platform that allows you to try to earn additional wallet money, cookies, mascots, or merch for you and/or your league mates.

How to Enter

Leading up to a game, we will post a blank board on social media, which will look something like this:

We'll ask you to retweet that post with your Sleeper username. We will select usernames randomly to fill in the 100 spots on the board.

We'll post the board with the filled-in usernames before kickoff.

How to Play

We will fill the board with 100 usernames, and each user will own a square for that specific game.

Each individual box represents the last digit of each team's score. For example, if the Chargers are beating the Raiders, 14-3 at the end of the first quarter, the winning box would be the one with Chargers 4 and Raiders 3.

Every NFL game starts at 0-0, so having that box increases your chances of winning because scores that are 10-10 or 20-20, etc, are more likely.

We will award prizes for the score at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters, as well as the final score.

What can I win?


  • $300 deposited into your Sleeper account by March 1st, 2022, 100 cookies, 1 mascot of your choice, and 1 for a leaguemate

How will I be notified if I win?

All winning users will be contacted through Sleeper direct messages.

Program terms, conditions, and other considerations:

Sleeper Squares is only open to users located in the United States who are at least eighteen years of age. By entering the Sleeper Squares contest, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years old, and a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one square?

We will limit usernames to one square per game, but you can be entered into multiple games throughout the season.

Can I win more than once per game?

Prizing is limited to a maximum of 4 unique usernames per game. One user cannot win more than once in the same game.

How are usernames chosen?

The usernames are selected at random from all our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

How do I receive my $300 deposit?

  • Disbursements will be deposited into your Sleeper Wallet accounts by March 1st, 2022, but only upon establishing sufficient proof of identity and residency as determined by the Company.

  • The deposit will be made available after linking the user’s online bank account to the Sleeper platform, subject to any additional terms and conditions, such as minimum transaction values for electronic transfer, as may be determined by the Company.

  • Users will be subject to an automated identity verification process, and may further be required to provide additional documentation and/or information to verify identity, and to provide proof that all eligibility requirements are met;

  • In the event of a dispute as to the identity or eligibility of a user, Sleeper will, in its sole and absolute discretion, utilize certain information collected by the Company to assist in verifying the identity and/or eligibility of such user; and

  • Sleeper may request users to produce a copy of their driver’s license, bank cards, utility bills, passport, or other forms of proof-of-identity.

If you have any other questions about Sleeper Squares, please direct them to [email protected].

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