We are really hoping to support auction drafts for the 2020 season. Although it was originally our plan to do so by this point already, we have shifted our focus during this time to building and developing other sports.

We launched our first esport (Fantasy League of Legends) and have fantasy basketball leagues ready to go for this fall.

Because of our work on other sports, a lot of our football features were currently on hold, including auction drafts, unfortunately. It's still possible that we can offer auction drafts for 2020 leagues. We just wont know more until later this summer.

Are we able to input salaries or contracts in Sleeper?

We don't have a way to allow users to give players salaries or contracts right now. There's not a good place to denote that.

Once we get auction drafts available, we're hoping that leagues can use those to help not and adjust any salaries for players.

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