When you're trying to decide which players you want to designate as keepers, it usually comes with knowing how impactful these players can be for your team in the upcoming seasons.

It's a big decision, and you and your leaguemates may be wondering when the deadline is to select your keepers.

When is the keeper deadline?

At Sleeper, we don't have a specific deadline. Instead, teams can select and modify their keepers all the way up until the draft begins.

By doing this, your league can give as much time as possible for owners to decide on these keepers. Too often, some kind of offseason injuries or news occurs that change your outlook on some players.

How can we set a manual deadline?

The best way to set a date in your league is to track it manually. Once you get to your desired deadline, the commissioner can view the keepers.

Once a draft order has been set for your upcoming drafts, all keepers will appear underneath the draftboard like this:

As commissioner, move those players onto the bottom rounds of the draftboard. This way, if an owner modifies their keepers after your manual deadline, you'll be able to tell because the new keepers will appear under the draftboard again.

This method also may require you to add a few rounds to your league's draft. You can do that by going to the roster settings and adding a few bench spots.

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