As you create and join leagues on Sleeper, you may notice that your view changes throughout the course of the offseason.

The options you see in-season will not be the same over the offseason.

Pre-Draft View

Any time your league has a draft scheduled, you will default to the pre-draft view.

This focuses on the draft and you can press on the "Drafting in XX Days" button to view your draftboard. On the mobile app, there will be a "Preview" button.

You'll notice that in the pre-draft view on the web app, your roster will be in a pop-up window after you click on your team. You can still view it and move players around as usual, and you can offer trades, view pending transactions, or change your team name.

On the mobile app, you can view add, drops, and trade activity at the bottom of the homepage. This is where commissioners will want to go to process or deny a league trade:

Post-Draft View

Once your drafting is complete and you have no further drafts scheduled, you'll move to the in-season (or post-draft) view.

The biggest difference you'll notice here is on the mobile app, where your matchup and mascots are now visible.

You'll also have a tab for news to keep track of the players that you own, and you have a tab labeled "League", where you can view the standings, waiver wire priority, and more.

On the web app, you'll see that you have some new tabs as well. Our mascots and news tabs are mobile-only so you won't have the option to view those. But you will get to view your roster on its own screen now.

Moving Forward

We don't yet offer a way for users to switch between the two views on demand. Right now the only way to move to post-draft mode is to not have any drafts scheduled.

Some users won't schedule their draft until it gets closer to get around this.

The good news is that we do plan on creating a better overall view regardless of pre or post-draft. We hope to have that available for all users in the future.

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