If you've joined a league on Sleeper, you may notice that each team comes with a default Sleeper mascot. This is the Sleeperbot! 

The Sleeperbot is granted to your account upon creation and the color of it is chosen at random. We don't have a way to modify the color of the initial one you receive. 

Mascots are exclusive to the mobile app and they enrich your match experience with taunts and cheers.

You can view the mascots in your matchup screen once your drafting has been completed.

What is the purpose of mascots?

Since we provide a completely free app without any advertisements, we need a way to monetize. You can use cookies (our in-app form of currency) to purchase any of our 70+ mascots. Learn more about cookies here. 

The mascots will cheer your team on in your matchup page. 

They have several different animations that you can select to appear on your screen, and they also allow you to taunt your opponent. 

You can change your mascot at any time by tapping on them in the matchup screen. It will bring up a window of your owned mascots.

Mascots will also report play-by-play information, so when Davante Adams makes a 73-yard TD catch, it'll be the first thing you see when you view your matchup screen, along with how many points you got for it.

What other mascots are available?
You can view the Mascot Shop at any time to scroll through all of the possible mascots and their animations. 

Learn how to gift and purchase other mascots here 

You can get a detailed overview of all of our mascots here

What if I don't like the mascots? Can we turn them off or minimize them?

We don't have a way of disabling the mascots for you or your league. We view them as a way to encourage users to interact with their opponents and to have fun. We also need a way to monetize the app, so users who purchase these help keep Sleeper up and running.

Of course, we understand that the mascots aren't for everyone. We know that some users just prefer the fantasy aspect of the platform, but we ask that you realize the reason why they're there. 

We have made it so that the mascots are not yet visible on the web app, so you could use your desktop or laptop to view your league without any mascots. 

We also don't freeze them to the top of your matchup page in the app, so you can simply scroll down and they will be out of your view.

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