Sleeper offers two ways to play Bracket Mania.

  • Weekly Mode (Recommended)
  • Classic Mode

We recommend Weekly Mode, as it solves some of the major pain points of Classic Mode when playing March Madness in a pool with others.

In Classic Mode, each participant will submit all of their picks for the entire bracket, including through the Championship Game.  No changes can be made once games begin.  

We've heard many complaints about this gameplay, but it really comes down to the lack of participation over the course of the tournament, primarily due to the following factors:

  • Picking a competitive bracket is too luck dependent
  • It's impossible to make a comeback if you didn't have a good opening picks

In Weekly Mode (Recommended), the 64-team tournament is divided into 3 weeks. There are 2 rounds in every week.  

Week 1 - Rounds 1 & 2
Week 2 - Sweet 16 & Elite 8
Week 3 - Final Four and Championship

At the beginning of each week of the tournament, players will fill out the bracket for the next 2 rounds, choosing from teams that are still in the tournament.

This mode offers the right balance of strategy and chance, with the opportunity for upset comebacks in your pool.

The scoring system remains the same for both modes, with 32 points up for grabs in each round.  Games in later rounds are worth double the previous round in both modes.

Round 1 - Each game is worth 1 point.
Round 2 - Each game is worth 2 points.
Sweet 16 - Each game is worth 4 points.
Elite 8 - Each game is worth 8 points.
Final Four - Each game is worth 16 points.
Championship - Final game is worth 32 points.

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