When you go into your league's scoring settings, some of the first options you'll see are the most used fantasy stats. 

You'll see options like these:

Points Scored - This refers to the total amount of points that a player earns for every point they score. If they make a two-point shot, they are awarded those two points. The same goes for three-pointers or free throws.

Total Rebounds - Any time a player retrieves a ball directly after a missed shot, that would be reflected here.

This can be broken down further. 

Offensive and Defensive Rebounds - You can choose to credit players with different point values based on which type of rebound it was. If you have these options enabled, they will stack with total rebounds.

Assists - This refers to when a player passes to a teammate on a play that helps set up a successful field goal. These are often referred to as "dimes."

Steals - This refers to when a defender legally takes the ball away from the opponent.

Blocks - This refers to when a defender legally prevents a shot attempt from going in. 

Turnovers - This is a negative stat for fantasy purposes. Any time a player loses the ball, gives it away, or has it stolen, that would be reflected here.

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