Special Teams specific Scoring Statistics are counted only for Players during Special Teams plays. Applicable to any Special Teams Player during a Kick, Punt, Field Goal, or Extra Point Play. If an Extra Point or Field Goal play is changed to an Offensive Play (run/pass play), it will not count as a Special Teams Play.

If Points Values are assigned to both Special Teams TD and Kick Return TD, they will stack. Special Teams TD will also be given to any other kind of TD made during a Special Teams play, be it a fumble return or a fumble recovery in the Endzone. In this case, Kick Return TD and Punt Return TD should be considered as a stackable bonus.

Special Teams Forced Fumbles, Fumble Recoveries, and Solo Tackles, may stack on top of IDP Forced Fumbles, Recoveries, and Solo Tackles; and should be considered as a Bonus on top of the normal IDP Statistics.

  • Special Teams TD: Point value for scoring a Touchdown on Defensive Special Teams
  • Special Teams Forced Fumble: Point value for Forcing a Fumble on Defensive Special Teams
  • Special Teams Fumble Recovery: Point value for Recovering a Fumble on Defensive Special Teams
  • Special Teams Solo Tackle: Point value for a Solo Tackle on Defensive Special Teams

Prior to the addition of Special Teams TD, leagues without IDP Positions, would not have players be eligible for these Statistics. If your league uses IDP Positions, consider most of these bonuses on top of the IDP Statistics. If your league does not use or set IDP Positions and Scoring Settings, utilize these Special Team Statistics as the true scoring Values.

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