The Taxi Squad feature is only available to Dynasty Leagues. Taxi Squads provide Dynasty League Teams an option to 'stash' Rookies into additional slot(s) that do not count against a Team's Roster Limit.

Under General Settings, Commissioners are able to designate the number of Taxi Squad Slots available to teams set the experience requirement for Rookies, and finalize the deadline when players can no longer be added to a Taxi Slot.

Additional settings will become available after 1 or more Taxi Slots have been enabled in a League.

Taxi Slots

Set the number of Taxi Slots made available for all teams in your League. This number can range from 0 to 10.

Taxi Squad Duration

Determine the Maximum (or "No Max")  Years of Experience for a player to be considered a "Rookie" in your league. This can currently be set between 1 to 4 Years, or set to No Max.

Taxi Squad Deadline

Choose a Deadline in which Taxi Squad Slots are effectively "locked" from adding any new Rookie players. Players can still be moved off of Taxi Slots onto the bench or starting positions in the season, but not back on.

Allow Non-Rookies for Taxi

If your league would like to use the Taxi Squad Slots for a general 'Stashing' tool for players that are also Non-Rookies, or for any other reason, you can turn off the Rookie restriction using this switch.

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