Overview of Commissioner customization options within a League's General Settings.

League Icon/Badge:
Edit your League's image-icon. Take a photo or select from your device's library.

League Name:
Edit or change your League's Name.

League Type:
Select from the current available Sleeper League Types: Redraft, Keeper, or Dynasty.

Determine the number of Teams competing in your League. An even # of teams, from 4 to 22.

Waiver Order:
Choose your League's Waiver Order format: Rolling Waivers, Reverse Standings, or FAAB

After Games Waivers Clear:
Players on Waivers will be locked upon the start of their Week's Game. Specify the evening for your Waivers to clear or process. For example: with "After TUES" selected, waivers will clear the following Wednesday at approximately 12:05am PST.

Time Players are on Waivers after Drop:
Determine the number of days a player is held on Waivers after he is dropped, after being held for 24 hours.

Allow Custom Daily Waivers:

Enabling Custom Daily Waivers, overrides the "After Games Waivers Clear" Setting.

Time to Review Pending Trades:
Number of days the Commissioner(s) have to review trades, before they process. Only Commissioners have Veto power at this time. Polls are a good way to show league discontent or favor towards certain cases that may warrant additional scrutiny.

Trade Deadlines:
Select the final week before Trades close for the regular season. Trades must be accepted prior to the selected week's final waiver deadline.

Playoffs Start Week:
Select the week that Playoffs will start in your league. Note that the number of weeks played, will be pre-determined based on the number of teams sent to the Playoffs and the number of Rounds per week in the Playoffs.

Playoff Teams:
Select the number of Teams that will qualify for the Championship Playoff: 4, 6, or 8 Teams. A 6-Team Playoff is the format one that gives 1st and 2nd Seeds a Playoff Bye-Week.

Playoff Rounds per Week:
Playoff Rounds can be calculated by 1-week or 2-week rounds. The winner of a 2-week Playoff Matchup must have the higher point total of the combined 2-week period (ie. Week 12 + Week 13).

Playoffs Lower Bracket Type:
Choose between a Toilet Bowl or Consolation Bracket Format. The 'Champion' of the Toilet Bowl will have actually lost every game in the Lower Bracket!

Injured Reserve Slots:
Enabling Injured Reserve Slots in your league, will grant additional Bench space for a Teams' IR-Eligible Players. Customizable eligibility factors include Doubtful or Out designations, as well as Suspended, DNR, and NA tags.

Allow Draft Pick Trading:
Enabling this Setting will populate each Team with future round picks, for each of the next three (3) years. These future round picks can now be traded like any player.

Extra Game Each Week Against Median:
Enabling this Setting will create an additional weekly matchup for every team, against the median score of the League that same week. Can add some additional balance to leagues that wish to award high scoring teams that happen to compound losses due to their individual weekly matchups.

Prevent Bench Players from Being Dropped after Game Starts:
Enabling this Setting will block Teams from dropping Bench Players once their week's game has started.

Lock All Free Agent and Waiver Moves:
Enabling this Setting will disable all Teams from making any Free Agent and/or Waiver acquisitions. (overrides acquisitions in both the on and off-season)

Override League Invite Capacity:
Enabling this Setting will allow for more Users than there are Teams, to join your League. This Setting is most useful when having a team full of Co-managed Teams, or if your League would like additional Users as Ghost Commissioners.


Special Keeper & Dynasty League Settings

Allow Moves Pre-Draft:
Enabling this Setting will allow Free Agent and/or Waiver acquisitions during the Off-Season, prior to your League's first Draft. Disabling this Setting will require your League to draft before making any Player moves.

Keeper Leagues:

Max Keepers:
Determine the number of Keeper Players for your League. Keeper Leagues can be set to allow 1 to 15 Keepers.

Dynasty Leagues:

Supplemental Draft Rounds:
Set the number of Draft Rounds in your League's Supplemental Draft. Supplemental Drafts can last from 1 to 10 Rounds.

Taxi Slots:
Enabling Taxi Slots in your league will grant additional Bench space for Team's Taxi-Squad Eligible Players. Dynasty Leagues can have up to 10 Taxi Slots. If enabled, additional customization will become available.

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