General overview of each Commissioner Tool in the mobile app.

Update Commish:
Make changes as to who in your league can act as a Commissioner.

Roster and Draft Picks:
Make changes to each Team's Roster, including Draft Picks. Add/Drop Players from the team, or even Send or Switch Players and Draft Picks to and from other teams.

Edit Waiver:
Make changes to individual Teams' Waiver Priorities and FAAB Budgets.

Lineups & Matchups:
Currently this tool is only available via the desktop app ( Will be added to mobile functionality soon!

Schedule Matchups:
Customize Weekly Matchups by making any necessary switches between teams from their current Matchups. Disabled until all Drafts have been completed.

Playoff Seeding:
Customize both the Upper and Lower Bracket Seeding and Matchups, similar to the Schedule Matchups Tool. This customization is currently only available prior to Round 1 of Playoffs.


Reset League:
Use this Tool to clear all Team Rosters of their Players. Current League settings will be kept in-tact. Useful if/when mistakes are made after your League's Draft.

Delete League:
Use this Tool to Delete your League. Note that this cannot be undone. To mitigate accidental Deletions, we ask that Users enter the League's Name for confirmation, before the League is wiped from the Sleeper Platform.

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