If you're trying to figure out how to review your league's settings or better understand what each setting does, you've come to the right place!

To access your League Settings, tap on the 'Gear' Icon in the top-right hand corner of your league's page.

You will see several tiles, each titled according to what can be viewed or modified.

My Team:

Allows you to modify your Team and Player's names! Display your mastery of puns and wordplay.

  • Update your Team Name
  • Give your Player(s) a NicknameĀ 

Provides general details about the league's rules and settings. Basically anything that is not related to your league's Draft, Roster, or Scoring. It would be wise to ensure you have reviewed and are familiar with all of your league's settings and rules prior to the start of the draft and season.

  • League Type
  • Number of Teams
  • Waiver Order and Clearing Rules
  • Trade Review Time
  • Playoff Start Week and Number of Teams
  • IR Rules

Provides general, but important details about your league's draft. Double check this prior to your draft -- don't get caught off guard by a short timer or unfamiliar Draft Type!

  • Time per Pick
  • Draft Order
  • Draft Type

Provides the full view of your league's Scoring Settings. Make sure to review this before your draft and when evaluating players during the season!

  • Points per Yard/TD
  • Points per Reception
  • Scoring Bonuses
  • Kicker, Defense, Special Teams Scoring
  • IDP Scoring


Customize your League-specific notifications! In case there are any particular messages or alerts you wish to turn 'OFF', there is likely a switch to help cut down the number of notifications you receive.

  • Messages (Chat, League-mate, Mascots)
  • Transaction Notifications (FA, Trade, Waiver, etc.)
  • Update Notifications (Team Names, Nicknames)
  • Scoring Notifications


Invite others to join your league! Using this tool, any league member can invite either their contacts directly from the app or via a sharable link.

Manage Co-owners:

Select other users to co-manage your team! Using this tool, you can invite any (unassigned) league member to be your co-owner!

Draft Results:

View the Draft Results of the current year, if completed. Also allows you to view previous Draft Results of the league, if it contains history.

League History:

For Sleeper Leagues in their 2nd+ year, or for leagues with imported League History. View Historical League Champs and All Time Standings.

*Some General Settings have additional controls for Commissioners. These have been labeled with an asterisk for Commissioners to reference

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