If Sleeper does not yet support the Draft Format your League wishes to use, we encourage Leagues to hold their specialized drafts, and for Commissioners to help with any additional manual work required to enable the proper setup.

Auction Draft

In an Auction Draft, Teams are provided with a set, $-value Budget, which is used to bid on players. Each Team will take turns nominating players at the a desired starting price. The highest bidding Team will receive the player. This will continue until all rosters have been filled.

  • Added Complexity
  • Fair/Balanced Format
  • Value Based Drafting

Leagues can hold the Auction Draft separately and Commissioners can roster Players to Teams appropriately based on the results.

3rd Round Reversal or 3rd Round Serpentine Draft

3rd Round Reversal-type Draft Formats typically follow a standard Serpentine style of Draft, substituting changes in the 3rd and sometimes additional Rounds.

Typically the changes are applied to the 3rd Round, where the the order repeats the same as the 2nd round. The 1st Pick will get the Last Pick in both the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. The 4th and all following Rounds will 'Snake' normally. 

In some cases additional modifications are made to different Rounds, but this depends on the format chosen by your League.

  • Customized
  • Added Balance
  • Complex Setup

Commissioners can either swap the proper draft picks between teams prior to the Draft or hold the first two rounds separately and start the draft in the 3rd Round with 'reverse' Draft order picks.

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