A League's Draft is an important opening event in Fantasy Football, where managers select the players who will represent their early season teams. Drafts can be held either in-person or offline, or under certain circumstances a hybrid of the two. Either way, we recommend the utilization of our Draftboard tool!

Currently, Sleeper only supports the traditional Snake and Linear Draft formats.
Supplemental Drafts are also available in either format.

Typically, Leagues will a pre-determine a Draft Order and can assign respective teams their Draft Positions in the app, prior to their Draft. A Draft's Order can be determined a number of creative ways.

Snake Draft (Default)

In a Snake Draft, each Team is assigned one pick in each round. Each team will pick one by one, in their pre-determined order. Once everyone has made a pick (in order), the 1st Round will have concluded. During the 2nd Round, the order will reverse, the last pick going first, and the first pick going last. It will reverse again and repeat every odd/even round until each Team has filled its Roster.

  • Sleeper Default
  • Relatively Balanced Format
  • Set-Maximum Draft Duration

Linear Draft

In a Linear Draft, each Team is assigned one pick in each round. Each team will pick in order until the last team has picked, then move on to the next round. Each team will retain their picking position in every round.

  • Simple Concept
  • Advantage weighted towards higher picks
  • Set-Maximum Draft Duration

Alternative Draft Formats

(not directly supported at this time)

Auction Draft

3rd Round Reversal or 3rd Round Serpentine Draft

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