From time to time, you will notice that a starter was dropped for a bench player, and wondering if this is a bug or intended by design.  The answer is that this is intentionally designed.  In this article, we'll attempt to explain the conditions under which this is allowed and why.

The confusion happens because on Sleeper, you can drop bench players who played a game for free agents, but not starters, as they are locked in.

So people are naturally confused when a starter is dropped after playing a game for another player.

First, the conditions for which this can happen are:

  1. This can only happen on a waiver claim, never for a Free Agent
  2. The player being claimed off waivers is clearing before the end of the week. 

The reasons we allow this to happen is as follows:

  1. This prevents even greater confusion and having to think about where you plan to put a player (starters vs bench) after they are used for a pending waiver claim.
  2. There is minimal advantage gained by doing this.  The mathematical advantage gained is no different than being able to drop a bench player after they played a game.
  3. Any advantage is off-set by a significant cost - your waiver position (or tie-breaker position in FAAB).  
  4. Everyone has equal rights to that waiver.

As a result, we made a deliberate decision that all waiver claims, no matter who you drop, will be allowed and cleared at the time that the waiver clears.

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