Before we dive in, if you want waivers to process weekly with free agency afterwards. Do not use this setting. This is mostly for leagues who want further customization and want multiple waiver periods in a NFL week.

These settings are available on the website and mobile. For mobile, make sure you're on the latest app version. Go to settings -> app version -> update app version -> force close and reopen the app. You'll find these settings in general settings. 

Here is a quick description of how they look and work. 

First, set a time for waivers. Waivers will process at this time for the day.

Most people want waivers on Wednesday and Saturday with free agency Sunday / Monday.

FA: Free agency, where it's a free for all on this day. You can pick up people immediately. On this day, free agency begins 12:05 am PDT. Any final waivers from the previous day will clear at 12:05, with a free for all after.
Waivers: Waivers process any bids at the custom time, locked and no free agency afterwards
Locked: You can bid on players during this time. No free agency allowed. You cannot pick up players.

Common Questions / Answers:
Q: If you set it to free agency on Monday, does that mean Sunday players are back in the free agency pool?

A: No. For Monday, the available players will only be for those who havent played a game yet

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