We have a variety of custom options available for team defenses and special teams. Below is a breakdown of each:  

Special Teams Player - this section is specific to an individual player. 

Example: If wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster returns a punt or kick, this is the section where you can choose to award him points for those yards. 

Special Teams Defense - this section is specific to the entire team defense. Since it's not the actual defense on the field, this option allows you to add on and award points for a team making plays on punts, kicks, and fumbles. 

Example: You own the Denver Broncos defense. They typically would not get points for punt return yardage. You have the option of adding that here. 

Special Teams TD vs. Punt Return TD vs. Kick Return TD

Under Special Teams Player, you'll find these three options, and they are specific to an individual player. 

If you want a player on your team to be rewarded for any type of TD on special teams, you'd enter that here. 

The Punt Return and Kick Return TD spots are only needed if you want your league to award points for just one of them and not the other.

If you put 6 points into all three TD fields, the points would double and a player who scored a punt or kick return TD would earn 12 points. 

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