There’s a lot of different scoring settings when it comes to fantasy football. So, inevitably, you might be asking yourself, what stacks?

This article will give you a comprehensive view of what stacks on Sleeper.

The scoring settings are found under league settings -> scoring settings

On Sleeper, there are a few scoring settings that you could potentially stack points.

If the NFL play applies truthfully to your scoring setting, then it will award the fantasy points.

An example would be if _____ sacks the QB.  

You have to ask yourself:

  • Is it a tackle? Yes
  • Is it a tackle for loss? Yes
  • Is it a sack? Yes
  • Is it a hit on QB? Yes
  • And is it a solo or assisted tackle? Yes.

Then all these points would stack. 

An example of when points don’t stack would be in yardage. 

If ________  threw for 410 yards. 

You have to ask yourself:

  • Did he throw for 300-399 yards? No
  • Did he throw for 400-499 yards? Yes

So you would get the only get the fantasy point(s) for 400-499 yards.

Finally, we have a robust set of scoring options on mobile. You can find it by scrolling towards the right. You’ll find scoring options such as “Misc, Bonus, and IDP”. 

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