What is a waiver?

Waivers put temporary freezes on unclaimed players, giving everyone a chance to make a claim on them. When this time period ends, all waiver claims are processed and the manager with the highest waiver priority gets the player. The league's commissioner can pick which waiver rule and waiver claim priority is used from the league settings.

There are 3 cases where available players go on waivers.

  1. A player's game has started, at which point they go on waivers until Monday or Tuesday night (Note: Tuesday waivers technically translate to Wednesday 12:05am PST).
  2. A player goes on waivers if he is dropped by an owner and was owned for more than 24 hours.  By default they go on waivers for 2 days (48 hours) from time of drop, but this is configurable.
  3. You have turned on continuous waivers, which means there is no FA, and waivers are cleared once a day.

How weekly waivers work on Sleeper

We turn the waiver processing event into something the league can enjoy, and we call it Waiver Countdown.  Waiver Countdown is possible because of Sleeper’s Instant Waiver Processing technology. Because of our technology, we can process waivers instantaneously for your league. The Waiver Countdown turns your Tuesday waivers experience into a major weekly event that your league-mates will look forward to.  Spamming refresh on your league while not knowing if your waivers will process at 1:00am or 4:00am is a thing of the past. Sleeper Leagues processes Tuesday waivers at exactly 12:05am, every week, and not a second later.

You can choose from the following waiver types:

Rolling Waivers:

This is the default setting.  Rolling waivers are continuous and the last person to waiver a player is placed last into the rolling waiver priority.

Reverse Standings:

The waiver priority is reset every week based on the standings.  Lower placed teams in the current standings will get highest waiver priority at the beginning of each week.

FAAB/WAB Bidding:

Each manager is given a budget to bid on unclaimed players that are in waivers. The default budget is $100, but the commish of a Private League can adjust the budget as they see fit.

Commissioners also have the ability to edit FAAB budgets at any time via the mobile app by going into a team roster and tapping Edit FAAB budget.
You can learn more about FAAB bidding here: How does FAAB bidding work?  

A summary is then displayed immediately in your league chat for all to see.  Owners have the opportunity to gloat aloud or voice their regrets.  It’s like upgrading your QB from Brock Osweiler to Aaron Rodgers.

 We engineered Sleeper Leagues from the ground up to be faster than any other platform.  You’ll notice that every interaction in our app is faster, and waivers are no exception.

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