Sleeper was focused on just football for a few years, but recently, we have built and developed other sports! 

Part of our core mission is to connect as many people as possible and bring them together through fantasy sports. We took many requests for which sports to do next and considered them all. 

It is imperative for us that each sport is as good as our fantasy football league experience, while at the same time, reflective of our mission. 

Here's what we have to offer:

Fantasy Football - Our football experience has been up and running for a few years and is the original sport that got us off the ground. We took a familiar game that people know and love and focused on making it more social and more enjoyable.

From redraft to dynasty leagues, you and your league mates can have a tremendous year-round experience on Sleeper. 

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Fantasy League of Legends - This spring, we've launched our first esport! We've dedicated a ton of time to developing an LoL platform that is tailored to fantasy players of all levels.
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Fantasy Basketball -  We thought we'd add our own twist, so we added dilemma mode for basketball. You don’t need to worry about logging on every single day to set your team’s lineup. Instead, you'll only use each player on your team for one of their games that week.

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Bracket Mania -  While originally planned for a 2020 start, this game got pushed back until March of 2021. The platform for it is already built and ready to go, so when it's time to fill in your brackets, you'll know where to go. 

Other sports?
Sleeper is considering other sports for 2022 and beyond. We have received many requests for hockey, baseball, rugby, soccer, and others. Our goal is to eventually cover every game type for every sport, but we'll announce them one at a time as we make those decisions.

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