Custom Seeding and Custom Playoff Eligibility

If you have different rules for who makes it into playoffs or the seeding order, go to league settings on your phone. Then, scroll to the bottom, and tap on "edit playoff seeding".

Next, tap on the seed that you want to update and you'll see a list of teams show up at the bottom of your phone. Tap on the team that you want to switch. IMPORTANT: after you've made all the changes, tap update in the upper right before exiting the screen.

Two Week Championships:

Currently we do not support two week championship, only two week playoffs.
 If this is important to your league, you can work around it by turning playoffs off. Go to general settings, to turn playoffs off.

Consolation Bracket vs. Toilet Bowl:

Go to general settings and you can select Toilet Bowl: where the loser advances (for ultimate shaming). 

If you give money back to the winner in the loser's bracket, do not like the toilet bowl, or some other reason, you can also change it so that the winder advances by selecting the consolation bracket.

Reseed between rounds:

Sleeper will support reseeding between playoff rounds for the 2020 season.

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