Your actual trade deadline is whenever your After Games Waivers Clear following the end of your selected week.

For example, let's say you chose these two settings:

This means that your trade deadline would be just after midnight, or 12:05 am PST on Wednesday following the conclusion of week 10.

Once your After Games Waivers Clear for the week, no more trades can be accepted. 

It is possible for trades to be accepted prior to your trade deadline, and then processed afterward. That can happen if you have a review period is enabled: 

Does your league use Custom Daily Waivers?

If so, this can push back your trade deadline time to the custom time chosen. Using the above settings along with a custom daily waiver time set to Wednesday at 8am PST...

This would push your actual trade deadline time to 8am PST on that Wednesday. 

When can our league trade again?

For dynasty and keeper leagues, trading will reopen as soon as your league's playoff have ended.

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