Does your league do an offline draft party at your house where one person makes all the picks?

Sleeper draftboards cover all ESPN / Yahoo live draft use cases (and much more), but can also be used for live in-person drafts.

With our draftboard (which comes with each league, or standalone), the commissioner can enter all of the picks and projected it to the big screen using Big Screen Mode, which is perfect for drafts with friends, co-workers, and family!

Perhaps a couple of your leaguemates couldn't make the live draft.  No worries!  They can still draft remotely as we allow for a combination of live in-person draft and remote drafters, all fully synced across web, big screen, and mobile.

The Sleeper draftboard is the only product that allows a commissioner to force pick a player for any team on any round.  The control we give a commissioner is limitless, and all commissioner forced actions are tracked in chat for transparency.

You can learn more about the benefits of live drafts on Sleeper here.

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