Channels are independent discussion communities on Sleeper. Each channel is typically a sub-community formed around a discussion topic (e.g., NFL, NBA, Dynasty Leagues, Podcasts etc.) and is run by independent channel admins and moderators. Most channels are user created, but select channels are verified partner channels from 3rd party content providers and existing communities.

Trending channels are communities that are attracting a lot of new members. The more you can grow your community within your channel, the higher chance you have of surfacing on the trending list. Some good places to start growing your community are on Reddit, forums, or Facebook groups.

How do I get my channel to be on trending channels?

If you are a channel administrator, the best way to get your channel on the trending channels list is to share your channel invite link out on social media, with your friends, and other communities. The more people who join your channel, the higher you will rank.

What are the advantages of creating a channel?

Channels provide a great way for new and existing communities to build stronger engagement between members. It is a dedicated place where communities can go to share content, chat, and interact with each other. Channel admins have 100% control over the channel, and have a suite of powerful tools for moderating and engaging the membership base, including the ability to send targeted push notifications to alert users of important announcements, valuable content, or meaningful discussion topics. Channels support text, video sharing, and smart commands (like polls).

Who can create channels?

Anyone can create a channel on Sleeper, but only verified channels will show up in the discovery section of the app. To become a verified channel, please email [email protected] with a description of your channel, a list of the moderators and analysts who will support the channel, a summary of your content strategy, and your existing user-base. Typically, verified channels are only granted to existing communities that have a robust content strategy, active user base, and strong support team. If your channel is not immediately approved for verified status, you can continue to build your channel over time and reapply for consideration.

How do I create a channel?

To create a channel, simply click on create channel on the left panel from either the web or mobile app. You can also create a channel on the website by clicking the plus icon above your channels.

You will need to choose a channel name, write a short description of your channel so users know what your channel’s purpose is, and designate whether your channel is public or private.

In addition, you will need to choose the sport /topic that your channel covers.

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