If you receive an alert on your phone, chances are you have received a notification for either breaking news or because someone wants to chat with you. These notifications can be found in several places:

Public Inbox

Your public inbox can be found in your profile tab on your mobile device, and by clicking in the upper right hand corner for the message tray.

Private Messages

You may also get notifications any time someone messages you in a private group or individual chat. These messages can be found in the chat icon in the lower bottom of the app (second icon from the left).


Notifications in your channels indicate that you either have something that was push notified by the channel admin (e.g., breaking news), there is new content that you are subscribed to that was posted (i.e., article or podcast), or that you received a mention or reaction from one of the users in the channels.

League Chat

You may also receive notifications for chat messages that are in any of your leagues. These include the general league-wide chat, as well as match-up screen chat you have against your opponent for the week.

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