Below are step by step instructions on how to move an existing dynasty league over to Sleeper.

The overall concept is quite simple:

  1. Create a league
  2. Fill out a rosters on your draftboard
  3. Complete the draft
  4. Invite your leaguemates and assign them teams
  5. (optionally add a rookie draft)

Step 1: Create a league

First, you should create a league and choose Dynasty:

Step 2: Fill out rosters on the draftboard

There should be a Preview Your Draft Lobby link where you can make picks on your draftboard.

Once you are on the draftboard, you can then start filling it out with players in the correct columns by clicking on the squares:

Note: You do not need to worry about inviting leaguemates yet, they can be assigned later once they join.

Step 3: Complete the draft

Once your draftboard is complete, you can then Begin the draft and instantly Complete the draft as well.

Step 4: Invite your leaguemates

You can now invite leaguemates under team settings and assign them teams.

Step 5: Rookie Draft (optional)

If you have not done your rookie draft yet, simply click on Add Supplemental Draft under League Settings and you will be able to conduct one.

That's it!  Welcome to Sleeper!

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